Brian D. Jones Photography

Tamanawas Falls
Tamanawas Falls
Tim_Lewis (9 months ago)
Stunning and captivating. Agree with prior comment about the long exposures - love how the falls sway and the water motion is highlighted. Inspired me to try my hand at making one of a local water fall in Akron, Ohio:

Nemet (10 months ago)
beautiful :O

Brian_D_Jones (10 months ago)
Thanks everyone, I appreciate the comments - it was really fun to make.

David-Photosynth-Team (10 months ago)
I also like the way we can see beads of mist on your lens in some of the shots. Great idea for a synth!

NateLawrence (10 months ago)
The long exposures really make this synth special!

Paradise Valley Bike Trail
Paradise Valley Bike Trail
gtakacs (10 months ago)
Wonderful walk on the trail.

Reflection Lake and Mount Rainier
Reflection Lake and Mount Rainier (Over 1 year ago)
Very nice. Should be more comments. Thanks!