differentes photos en 3 dimensions...!!!

How to Synth video: Interiors
How to Synth video: Interiors
jft_id (Over 1 year ago)
Amazing I think I saw an example of this usage in TV Series NCIS NY, in my local TV Network. I remeber that I thought that it could be impossible but I got wrong when I found this out. I just can say AMAZING

Cognac777 (Over 1 year ago)
This look like so much fun and its so easy i will take some shots and do the ice Synth right away.....!!!

zentralsachse (Over 1 year ago)
excellent work -photosynth-wise. however, is that a Adolf #%!@ bust in room with the big table and the 2 candles ? I am not judging -just asking - if thats a private apartment phosotsynth than it gives a lot of private information to the web ...

marciot (Over 1 year ago)
Amazing point cloud (hold down Cntl)