At the top of Burj Khalifa
At the top of Burj Khalifa
SeeingiDog (Over 1 year ago)
Thanks for sharing.

Johnnyrh1 (Over 1 year ago)

Tajsyng (Over 1 year ago)
Oh my god!! LOL

rafaelcruzpaiva (Over 1 year ago)

azrolazlanmdrodzki (Over 1 year ago)

Tarn Hows 3
Tarn Hows 3
Martin_Kulhavy (Over 1 year ago)
Nice place and good light is critical. I use long focal lengths (200mm) to get such high resolution. I have Manfrotto 303SPH panoramic head to get the right overlap. I usually take between 100-500 shots for a panorama in about 5-8 rows. I use Ptgui for stitching and Photoshop for final adjustments. It usually takes me about 15-30 minutes to take the photos, but then about 5-10 hours to stitch it on my PC.

DonnyG (Over 1 year ago)
How do you take such a perfect pano

camy_corrine (Over 1 year ago)

Yury_B (Over 1 year ago)
Great job!