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Photogrametry is an impresive technique wich I'm trying to learn and use for my own benefit. Cheap Multi MP cams are opening the way for cheap 3d scaning. I expect that the next big thing after google earth is full 3d earth mesh at street level detail, fully texturized.

Only 3D and 100% synthye projects here.

Search for "ferentz" in search box or ferentz tag if you want to see more quality work done by me.

Rubik Cube 100% 3D (by Ferentz)
Rubik Cube 100% 3D (by Ferentz)
auracle111 (Over 1 year ago)
incredible syth. excellent application of the technology! very clever!

Timetaraveler (Over 1 year ago)
This is so great!!!! amazing cloud. btw: I think the damages on the cube actualy help photosynth. So I guessed you did this even on purpose.

Fere (Over 1 year ago)
I tooked the pictures in a stop motion movie fashion. Camera stood still and I have rotated the cube 20~30 degrees at a time. When completing a full circle the camera pitch and height were increased so that it was still pointing at the cube. I have repeated this process once for "ecuator", twice for each "hemishpere" and also tooked a few pics for the "poles". The though part was to make an smoth background with almoust no shadows. I achieved this on a cloudy day with a background set made out of white paper. You'll observe that the top and bottom planes, being exposed in a larger number of pics then the other 4 planes, are a bit more well defined. Oh, by the way, I'm surprised to see that the my synth has such a big succes, I'll try to rie to the expectations with my other synths on wich I'm working.

gymboh32 (Over 1 year ago)
thas amazing..how did you manage 100% synthy..the cube came out great

Nathan (Over 1 year ago)
Inspiring, I'm going to try and get some 360 point clouds.

Extreme point cloud, 1000 images used, (bridge model, iasi)
Extreme point cloud, 1000 images used, (bridge model, iasi)
AdamSynth (Over 1 year ago)
Nice synth! After seeing the bridge, it makes me wonder why I haven't seen more designed that way. It's a really cool way to support it. I guess it would only work for fairly small gaps.

Fere (Over 1 year ago)
Btw, there are a few false features in the point cloud. If you look carefull enough you will spot a big cloud of points, white and red, floating just alongside the bridge above waterline. I know that they are from the second set of photos I tooked with my camera. After a lot of examination a saw that it has similar features to the neighbouring leg. I think a few more shots to that leg will solve that problem. Let's say that's the east side of the bridge. If you look in the south side you'll see snaped to the bridge central axis after the building facade below groundlevel, a plane of beige points. Also after a closer inspection I saw yellow points on the edges. I think that those might be part of the deck plane: beige>pavement, yellow>guard rails. Puzzleing me is how did they got there? Also weard stuff underground bebeath water surface and in the north side... Use the nav keys to see theese problems more easely.

Fere (Over 1 year ago)
Back and fourth would'nt really help for deck plane but would help for the guard rails. Also the pavement isn't 100% repetitive. There are a lot of features for synth to grab on to like eroded bricks, the gap in the middle, metal joints for seasonal cycle of dilatation/contraction and the guard rails themselfs in relation with the background buildings. I'm still waiting for better weather. Winter has returned around :P

madeeds (Over 1 year ago)
It's going to be hard to ever get a point cloud of the bridge deck, unfortunately. A point requires a feature, and a feature requires some sort of texture. Though the deck is textured, the texture is so repetative that the synther has trouble distinguishing one brick from another, so it has a hard time positioning it in 3-space. You could do some experimentation to see what works here. I don't think that walking in two different directions will help as much as walking the same direction two or three times in the same direction on paths parallel to eachother.

Fere (Over 1 year ago)
perpendicular axis with the axis of the river. THis should help make a nice background 4) And lastly removing the 400 pics that don't help too much. I'll have to wait a little for the right wather cause now it's snowy and photosynt will not make anny sense of the photos :P