Yosemite Tunnel View
Yosemite Tunnel View
Greenhousegirl (Over 1 year ago)
love! this is an amazing! i love the detail you can zoom in on on the waterfall.

mhaidarhanif (Over 1 year ago)
Not just a large screen panorama, it's high detailed photographed world.

adrianwa (Over 1 year ago)
Love this Matt! :D

Rick (Over 1 year ago)
This must be one of the truly iconic views in the whole USA, and finally capturing it in the same detail as really being there (with a pair of good binoculars) is incredible. Congratulations on an amazing shot! (Over 1 year ago)
Being able to see the climbers on the cliffs is insane. The climbers as well must be pretty insane to be doing this sort of thing.