Band and events photographer in Cape Town, South Africa.


Crystal Lake, Angeles National Forest, Ca.
Crystal Lake, Angeles National Forest, Ca.
Michael_Currin_1989 (Over 1 year ago)
Looks great, makes me want to get back into making Photosynths.

AngelesCrest (Over 1 year ago)
Equipment: - Canon 40D - Tokina ATX124 Pro 24mm-12mm @ 24mm - Merlin/Orion motorized head - Std tripod - 70 shots (10 wide by 7 tall) - Autopano shot with Papywizard on an N810 Nokia via BlueTooth connection - Stitched w MS-ICE Method: Single shot (non-HDR) exposure. 1/250 @ f/8

dharma-dung (Over 1 year ago)
Great shot. What did you shoot this with?

Sairus (Over 1 year ago)
Beautiful .. very nice capture