Santa Barbara Courthouse // Inside and Out [9]
Santa Barbara Courthouse // Inside and Out [9]
EdLee (Over 1 year ago)
Thank you, all. Hi Darius, thank you for adding the Highlights feature. That's a very good idea: mark the key frames and not the in-betweeners. :) I look forward to you guys improving Silverlight's Point Cloud performance, quality, and halos to match or even exceed the Direct3D viewer's. This Courthouse is still work in progress... I need 64-bit Windows, lots more RAM, much faster CPU, and a much faster connection for uploads! :(

Ultrasound (Over 1 year ago)
You are a perfectionist - very very good*

dariusmonsef (Over 1 year ago)
Thanks for adding the highlights... much easier to get around this giant synth now :)

Superfurry (Over 1 year ago)
WOW !!!!

UnTamedTraveller (Over 1 year ago)
Very nicely shot! After seeing a few of these PhotoSynths now though, I can't help feeling that the one thing that is missing of course is a SOUNDTRACK. Maybe because of my background in movies. Yeah, I know, though -- the copyright problems... Okay, I'll hum....