Blake's Photosynths

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TheBlakeE (Over 1 year ago)
At first I reacted negatively to this idea: "Why would this guy go through the whole PhotoSynth process just to post pictures of his family?" But then I looked closer, and I realized that it has connected the individual girls' pictures to the group shots. If you haven't seen it, go to all the photos and pick a shot of just the girl in the white dress, and then use the Synth to move around. It's easier to navigate that way. I'm guessing it actually matched on the outfits (textures), but if PhotoSynth really could recognize the individuals (like Polar Rose is trying to do), you could have a whole PhotoSynth album that would jump from scene to scene highlighting a particular person. That would be pretty cool, IMO. And by the way, yes, you have a beautiful family. :)