I was born in Lisbon in 1979. I did my studies in history. My interest on photography is to transmit the architecture essence, a bit of our culture, history, a piece of heritage...

Like photographer, I considered myself as an amateur, who wants to improve his skills, but I hope I can open a window to our common past, like a travel machine.

To see more photos, I invite you to take a look at mine photoblogs: - about a travel I did from Angola to Namibia.

Boulder Dushanbe teahouse
Boulder Dushanbe teahouse
BernardoOliveiraNunes (Over 1 year ago)
Nice tea house. In overhead, it seems that we are looking to the game The Sims.... eheheh

Marvin (Over 1 year ago)
I agree. That pointcloud is amazing.

Rick (Over 1 year ago)
I always love colourful point clouds, and this one turned out great!