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Blair Arch
Blair Arch (Over 1 year ago)
kudo_os: As you can see from looking down, all we (myself and some friends) did was put a camera on a tripod, and manually rotate it and take photos. We were students at the time so we had no access to anything fancy, just a lot of manual effort. We also made panoramas of several other locations on campus, which I hope to upload soon. Unfortunately, for this and the others, I no longer have the original resolution photographs. At the time these were taken (2007 I believe), we were using a much older, and much slower stitcher and had to downsample. In comparison, ICE is amazing and I wish I had the original images we took.

stlombo (Over 1 year ago)
I love how you can look down to see the tripod

kudo_os (Over 1 year ago)
please tell me how you make whole circle?