Poppy Field
Poppy Field
Martin_Kulhavy (Over 1 year ago)
I have just saved 360 from different location: I can provide you RAW files of this pano, but they are 6.5GB. Any ideas how to deliver?

slyvester (Over 1 year ago)
Great shot! By any chance u have the 360? And would u mind giving me the raw data for learning purposes?

flyinhawaiian843 (Over 1 year ago)

Martin_Kulhavy (Over 1 year ago)
It must be blurry, since refocusing for each individual image wouldn't work for these distances and focal lengths. I prefer to keep foreground blurry than having stitching errors due to the different focus distances.

Sergiusz.Olszewski (Over 1 year ago)
Maybe it's 4.73 GPX, but at the bottom it's completely blurry.