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brass vase
brass vase
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Hi there! I hope you don't mind an old Photosynth veteran giving you one or two pointers. 1) You'll get better results if you leave the vase and flowers stationary on the table and just rotate the camera around them, rather than rotating them in place on the table (otherwise Photosynth ends up tracking the stationary table and walls behind the flowers). 2) Photosynth needs at least three shots of any detail that you want to really tie tightly into the synth. That means if you get a closeup of the surface of the leaf, get no less than three shots of that surface from varying angles. 3) If you take shots at varying distances, make sure that you snap a few photos in between your closest and furthest shots to make sure that they all match each other. Cheers and welcome to Photosynth! I hope to see more from you in the future.