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Lisa's litter
Lisa's litter
solidimage70 (Over 1 year ago)
If you like tabbies try our hobby website ( and Do you think I could get the CAD pics to synth if I added a few different tiny black text objects scattered round as point markers, fixed relative to the solid model? Can't do textures in CAD. Or would it help to fully render the individual pics adding shadows and direction light?

Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
You're right! That carpet was super synthy. I guess I should pay more attention before handing out helpful advice. ;) I love tabby cats. They're definitely my favorite of the widely found housecats. I especially liked these bits of your synth: (add a camera position to the end of the current URL in the address bar) &m=false&i=0:0:4&c=-0.216999:0.0613131:-0.25267&z=7259.68209610096&d=2.36029707715308:-2.60847717443024:-1.48179187543629&p=253.651433421966:-2281.42643651892 &m=false&i=0:0:1&c=-0.246307:0.0848186:-0.102675&z=4307.66962700191&d=2.36460357498038:-2.60057388628934:-1.60303734251853&p=-34.2308021533968:1403.36426221789 &m=false&i=0:0:12&c=0.023197:0.20879:0.518398&z=1970.91781470194&d=2.43299313425504:-2.56092901687702:-1.16063818736673&p=208.077157266605:-293.58087921093 &m=false&i=0:0:6&c=0.0727347:-0.0696645:-0.416401&z=2013.21856439939&d=2.5053251545148:-2.54107992363499:-1.41444607259353&p=67.2293200983436:181.817352826817