SynthSing is a team of 2 students participating in the Photo360 competition organized by Microsoft Singapore.

Photo360_SynthSing - Singapore Sports School
Photo360_SynthSing - Singapore Sports School
synthsing (Over 1 year ago)
Thanks to all who have voted for us and/or commented, whether we know each other or not. The voting is coming to an end and we are grateful to all who have voted for us. huhope, i believe you are also one of those who have seen our "advertisement" for this somewhere online. Thank you for your support!

huhope (Over 1 year ago)
wow u also can have so many votes in less a day... hmmmm

splashx (Over 1 year ago)
is this for a competition? issit still on? looks interesting (:

sabrineasl (Over 1 year ago)
Really fantastic synth

Fady117 (Over 1 year ago)
VOTED!! :D nice pic btw, real cool! i hope my vote helped you guys! :D cheers!