Resident local to the area having grown up just north of New York City in a small town called Bogota, NJ. Its about a 5 minute drive to the George Washington bridge without the traffic that usually clogs the NYC artery. Even then, there's always a shortcut if you know the area. Currently residing in Weehawken, or the Hawk as I've come to know and love. Some of the best views of the Manhattan skyline anywhere and always an inspiration to take the odd photo here and there.

I'm a glorified Tech for one of the largest law firms in the world having clients the likes of Enron and Lehman Brothers. Work three 12 hour days every week and an 8 hour day every other Wednesday, so I have a rather nurse like schedule leaving me with plenty of free time to go about my hobbies Photography and longboarding. I'm a self taught photographer who's been shooting with an SLR in some fashion for roughly 5 years now. My current camera is a Canon XSi Rebel with 2 kit lenses (18-55mm & 75-300mm). Lenses are to say at the very least, NOT C