70% Environmental Science, 20% Computer Nerd, 10% Artistic = 100% Me : I virtual box XP on my SSD Macbook 5,1; I run a Linux Only Quad Core SSD Beast with Ubuntu 11.10 as my GIMP machine/ media/ content archive; Sold my win 7 desktop to a friend: and rock several older dell desktops running XP SP3; The photosynth/ panoramic action gets done on a Dell XPS2 "Big Blue". I bling CFL's, LED's and dimmer switches with photo sensors; steam short showers and eat organic mostly vegan food. I drive a Prius & Park and Ride & moto zoom zoom. I am taken and Christian and find sleep challenging; I always keep a firearm within reach; and love green technology & science. Everyting be irie with me. God is Love~