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This Photosynth is created in memory of the Chartist Mural in Newport recently demolished. None of these photographs are mine, they were harvested using Google Image search, from news reports, Flickr, and the Facebook group set up in to protest against the demolition of the mural. All photographs are owned by their respective owners, and it is hoped that no one will mind their inclusion in this photosynth, intended to conserve the memories of something now lost.

I would like to create a second version of the Photosynth of the Mural, but using pictures that there is permission to use, as the existing one just uses photos scraped off the web, without due regard for permissions e.t.c. I've asked Flickr Member Mark Pollock, if he is happy for me to use his AMAZING panoramas of the mural, which really are the lynchpin for it all to work. I'm hoping that people can contribute pictures to the following Flickr group, with permissions set that they are happy for them to be used in a final Photosynth. I would appreciate it if someone can get in touch from a group that is keeping a record of the mural / organizing things going forward, as it would be good to create a "public account" just for this endeavour. I really hope everyone can get stuck in adding pictures of the mural to the group. I thank you all for your time.
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