Turvey and Cold Brayfield



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Shots taken with a Manta UAV, some at 400' some at 200'

I will take some more from the other side of the road and try and get entirely around Cold Brayfield and Turvey
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Date Created 4/19/2010

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nielsvink Over 1 year ago
Very nice to have pictures from a plane featured in a photosynth.

This puts a new perspective on applications of photosynth!
TonyErnst Over 1 year ago
How much area would you say this covers?
GaryMortimer Over 1 year ago
Roughly 2 by 2 km Tony, I'm just going to dive out the door and do some more. Trying to get it all to link up. I think I have worked out a way of doing it in one flight but once I have joined this one up I will try that.

So far I think this is the result of about 5 sorties.

I now have the camera taking more than 75% of usable images so I'm happy with that.
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