Utrecht, HDR, Lange Nieuwstraat, Catharijneconvent



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Date Created 2/2/2010

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michaeldenis Over 1 year ago
hi M"5", I love the usage of the wide panorama here. I have considering using similar methods in my own synths as a standard procedure. Nice to see you've taken up the method (or continued to develop it, I should say).

I'm curious about your HDR editing. Is it highly time-consuming or have you automated much of it? I have done a little work with HDR and, as I recall, it was tricky to get everything looking great. Therefore, I guess that you must be using very similar settings on each of your shots, and therefore I ask if you automate much of your work? In short, how much of a pain in the *ss is it to make one of your HDR synths?

Thanks for responding, M5. Keep up the top-notch work.
M5 Over 1 year ago
Hi, It's, despite some automated batch processing, still a lot of work. Stitching has always to be done manually. I keep the camera settings per session constant, and with enough (day)light the camera supported AEB mode does the rest.
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