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The famous Phanom Rung temple in the Buriram province, Thailand, as seen in a complete walkthrough of the main complex.

Particularly noteworthy are the three Naga bridges (two on the main walkway, one behind the temple), the central chamber, the 70 stone pillars marking the walkway and the incredible view from the sides of the complex over the surrounding fields - which strech out for miles in all directions.

Unfortunately this synth was too hard - quite a few photos are mixed up (certain areas in the temple are actually on completely different sides then depicted here). Indubitably this is due to a lack of intermediate pictures, yet with over 350 photos in the set I am possibly already pushing the limits of what can be contained in a single synth. I have half a mind to seperate the set of the walkway and main temple complex in individual synths at some later time, and remove a few faulty shots alltogether - but for now this will have to do.
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FragFrog Over 1 year ago
I see - I read in a comment a while ago that people were having trouble with large synths, and this one took ages to render and upload, hency my caution.

Nothing for it but to go back and take a lot more pictures I suppose! ;)
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