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I took these photos of Moon House in McLoyd's Canyon on the morning of Saturday, October 25th, 2008. Moon House was one of the stops I made as a friend took me on a guided tour of ruins and natural sites on Cedar Mesa near Blanding, Utah.

Moon House is an amazing site. There is a section of the ruins INSIDE the visible face of the ruins. It is in that interior section where visitors can see the moons of Moon House.


From the website of the first link below, here is more descriptive text of Moon House:

Moon House makes an interesting visit because it's so well-preserved. The original timbers are in place in several rooms. (These have produced tree-ring dates suggesting occupancy about 1260 C. E.) It's actually three ruins in one. The middle site, which Bloomer calls M-1, contains living quarters. The site to the west (M-3) is ceremonial, with remains of a kiva, while around the corner to the east lies a site (M-2) of storage rooms that probably once held corn.

But it's the unusual construction and pictographs that bring the visitors. M-1 has both an inner and outer section, with two walls that could well have been fortifications. Some of the peepholes in the outer wall look directly on the main path that ascends to the ruin. Room I in the middle of site M-1 is decorated in white, with a crescent moon uncolored on one wall, and a full moon uncolored on the other.


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TonyErnst Over 1 year ago
Amazing. The best archaeological synth Ive seen yet
Rick Over 1 year ago
Great collection! Given the large number of images, it would be really useful if you added some highlights to help guide people around the site.
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