Silver King at Crystal Mountain



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Beautiful day at Crystal Mountain, Washington. You can see six volcanoes, from Hood (in Oregon) to Baker! The panorama was shot on Friday Jan. 27th 2012 between 11:00am and 1PM.

See a "making of" Photosynth here:
Gigapixels 30.40
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Date Created 2/1/2012

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David-Photosynth-Team Over 1 year ago
What a glorious pano Matt. Was it cold up there?
mattu Over 1 year ago
Thanks David.

It was a pretty warm day. It actually took me a little while to cool off due to lugging the big pack up there.
Larry_R Over 1 year ago
This is fantastic Matt! Just curious; how long does it take to simply save the working file? :-)
RELE Over 1 year ago
Epic Matt! is this a 400mm?
AngelesCrest Over 1 year ago
2 Hours shooting! Wow.

Q: Does it shoot in rows or columns? It seems columns would be better for changing light conditions.

Q: Was this HDR or single shot?

Very nice, thanks!
mattu Over 1 year ago
Thanks everyone.

@Larry_R ICE took about 2 hours to stitch, Photoshop then takes 1/2 hour to load.

@RELE this was 300mm

@AngelesCrest the Gigapan shoots in columns. This was 1200 images shot in RAW (no HDR). I did tweak the white point and exposure for a lot of them before stitching because the camera was underexposing the snow, making a lot of the inputs grayish.
GigaView Over 1 year ago
Gorgeous GigaPixel, MattU! A great example of what ski resorts and other large recreation properties can and should do.
mattu Over 1 year ago
Thanks Thomas. Totally agree with you. These images work really well at ski areas. Still so much potential to do cool stuff here - e.g. overlay run names, tag yourself, overlay videos, ...
MagiView Over 1 year ago
Great pano, Mattu. Impressive!
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