Hand with a Stone // Henry Moore objects



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Date Created 12/29/2008

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Ultrasound Over 1 year ago
navigate through this point cloud!
dariusmonsef Over 1 year ago
This one is great too.
Marvin Over 1 year ago
Wow! Great job!
EdLee Over 1 year ago
May I ask what was the resolution of each photo?
Ultrasound Over 1 year ago
Thank you for your question. Resolution was 1152 x 1728 Pixel (with 72 DPI). Important for the synth result is a high depth of field.
-> this means I accept higher iso values and lower shutter time to get the highest aperture value as possible. In this case the iso was 400, time was 1/100 and aperture value was between 9 an 14.
You will get the best synth results with direct sunlight and aperture values between 16 and 22. Look at my synth "walking through the stone" and "granite stones" were I used this aperture values. Good luck!
EdLee Over 1 year ago
Thanks very much for all the info. I only have a point-and-shoot cam, and I've had good results with indirect (diffused) sunlight: overcast outdoors, and reflected sunlight indoors. See my synths "Professional Go Game (Jennie Shen 2P)" and "Fabrics Test". I'm curious how you feel about indirect sunlight, which I prefer because I don't like harsh & sharp shadows. Thanks!
Ultrasound Over 1 year ago
With "sunlight" I only mean the amount of light (so that I can use higher aperture values and a high depth of field).
I´waiting for your second floor synth. Good luck!
Drew Over 1 year ago
The fingernails don't show up in the point cloud. I've not thought of them as being that shiny before, but I guess they are. You can definitely see the specular highlights moving around on them as you change viewpoints, which is why the synther can't match them. As usual, great point cloud!
Akaleus Over 1 year ago
This is absolutely amazing.
Fred_Oxford Over 1 year ago
I guess the settings would have been quite different with indoor lighting?
Ultrasound Over 1 year ago
Yes, with indoor lighting high aperture values are not possible. I think for a good point cloud higher aperture values are favorable.
Fred_Oxford Over 1 year ago
Thanks - this is very useful information - Cardinal and I have been shooting the Cochin ceramic animals indoors, and although the point clouds are well devleoped they do not as dense as you achieved in this synth - excellent.
giocaroby86 Over 1 year ago
It's wonderfull with point cloud! Amazing
lkeeper11 Over 1 year ago
That's the best one i've seen
lehche Over 1 year ago
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