Downtown Seattle



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Gigapixels 3.14
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Date Created 3/18/2010

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douglas Over 1 year ago
Nice - any information on how you managed to create such a large pano?
mattu Over 1 year ago
This is the first really large pano I ever created. I think when we first stitched it, it was a world record for largest stitch. A video describing how it was done is available here:

I just re-did it for Photosynth yesterday in under an hour of processing.
Thom_Parslow Over 1 year ago
is there a way for me to save this for use as my desktop background image? i noticed no long press or right click works, but after examining the licence it say we are free to use it with due credit, as i'm not interested in sharing this, i just think its a gorgeous image and would look fantastic in my new 4k monitor as the background. but again an amazing picture, have you considered this technique for astrophotography? i could imagine some fantastic scenes from the northern mountains of Washington where light pollution is at a minimum.
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