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High Altitude Ballon. Near Space Project.
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Date Created 2/17/2009

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dcshrum Over 1 year ago
Detail on the launch

These were taken from a high altitude balloon that reached 110,000 feet.
K Over 1 year ago
This is amazing! Are these from the peak at 110,000 feet?

You can read more about how these images were captured here:
dcshrum Over 1 year ago
Most of the photos are on the ascent. I'd have to look at a log to get the altitude for each one. I would guess they start at 80,000 feet and are up to the burst at 110,000 feet and then some of the photos are from the descent as well.
Scott Over 1 year ago
Absolutely spectacular. The point cloud shows the curvature of the earth!
Marvin Over 1 year ago
This is amazing stuff! I'd love to see this connecting satellite images to the ground.
houdan Over 1 year ago
this is so cool~~~? do you have photos all the way down to the ground?
Fred_Oxford Over 1 year ago
once in a life time adventure....
madeeds Over 1 year ago
I'd like to see photos going all the way to the ground too. It would be fun to see the transition from terrestrial to black space. Do you have a way to control the camera, or is that just the way it happened to be pointed? A synth of the recovery would be fun too.
dcshrum Over 1 year ago
I have photos of it going up and a portion of that is actually video. I suppose I could parse the video out into frames to upload. I don't know if you can just uplaod video, I'm guessing not.

I have some photos of the descent but not as many as the camera shut down when the battery temperature dropped to -10C

The camera was not controlled. You can see fromt he videos it was just swinging around due to the wind.
dariusmonsef Over 1 year ago
Whoa, that's awesome. Do you have to get any kind of special permission before sending something like that up? I suppose avoiding flight paths is a good idea.
Fred_Oxford Over 1 year ago
Sadly I was left a little gutted when I looked at the weblink....somehow in my mind I conjured up images of a manned high altitude balloon adventure with sealed capsule and special suits....oh well...I really thought this was a once in a lifetime synth....

Anyway the photos are excellent!!
TonyErnst Over 1 year ago
Wow, I think I feel a new hobby coming on...
Nathan Over 1 year ago
This is great, I'd like to see more of these. Could you geotag the launch site?
dcshrum Over 1 year ago
Here is a link to a KML file for google earth with the flight path.

FAR101 Governs unmanned balloons. So long as your payload is pretty small (under 4lbs) the rules are pretty easy to follow.
jonny5alive555 Over 1 year ago
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