Mayan Ruins of Palenque



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Mayan Ruins of Palenque.


Made some changes based on results of previous attempt:

- Removed "gap filler" photos, since they didn't work:( Live and learn.
- Added a couple new fotos omitted in "take 2."
- Added fotos of hieroglyphs. These won't stitch, but will add to the experience, I hope.
- Added 2 new maps for context of the shoot.
So, there are 3 maps total:
1) Overview of ruins w/ publicly accessible areas shaded in red.
(Note: many of the mapped structures are partially exposed, or totally buried),
2) Overview map identifying shoot area (hi-res), and
3) Close-up map identifying shoot area.

Note: Source fotos are 8MP, so zoom right in!

P.S. As in the previous, there are some hidden surprises, so dig deep. Then again, some of the surprises will slap you right on the forehead!:)
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Date Created 2/26/2009

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K Over 1 year ago
This is fantastic, I love all the Mayan synths! Unfortunately I've never been to Palenque, this at least lets me get a feel for the site.

Thanks for continuing to refine your synth, it shows a lot of promise. If you are still on site (or have many more images) I would suggest trying to get better synths of the individual buildings which will work better than the whole site. Start there and then expand. The hieroglyphs will synth if you have imagery to connect them. What are the "gap filler" images that you mentioned?

Finally nice touch including your edited images like this one: :)
K Over 1 year ago
I forgot to mention, when you're done be sure to add a geotag. That will expose it on and soon we'll make it easier to find on this site as well.
dariusmonsef Over 1 year ago
Great synth, awesome story... my favorite part "We woke early to a horrendous, ferocious, unidentifiable guttural cacophony of animal sounds emanating from the jungle."
swami_worldtraveler Over 1 year ago
Ken, OK, I geotagged it:) Luckily, I had the decimal lat/lon coords.

The "gap fillers" were btwn Temple of the Inscriptions and Temple of the Skull. The missing piece is Temple XIII, w/ the long, vertical running thatched roof. Got sum pix from Flickr and GoogleImages, but they didn't help any:( Oh well. I was sharin the day w/ my close friend Michele, otherwise I would have taken lots more pix. Plus, I'm still learnin. have done sum more readin since, plus have reflected on my shoot. I'm sure my future synths will b "new&improved". I'm having fun figurin it out:)
swami_worldtraveler Over 1 year ago
I liked "hiding" the Easter Eggs. Glad u njoyed. Did u find the little flyin SUPERMAYAN boy? Of course, the easiest way to find such is to use GRID VIEW n look around, or use SPACEBAR/Sh+SPACEBAR to cycle thru the pix. I hope the maps added to the experience, too. Would b nice to b able to embed hyperlinks (like to the blog, tho puttin it in the description serves). Also, would be cool to b able to include vector files (saw Blaise demoin this w/ SeaDragon/DeepZoom on TED vid). I'm lookin fwd to dreamin up new, creative ways to use Photosynth...
swami_worldtraveler Over 1 year ago

Glad u njoyed:) BTW, if u missed it, there's a video (dark: mostly audio) of the howler monkeys in the blog's photo album.

A thought: Connect Photosynth w/ travel blog site n vice-versa. It did start as virtual Tourist, after all. I basically i made this connection, but a more integrated "partnership" method could b nice n desireable. Mayb even get Virtual Earth in on the action! Whatcha think?
adonaischild Over 1 year ago
very pretty!
Nathanael Over 1 year ago
Supermayan... that is a riot! Haha.
swami_worldtraveler Over 1 year ago
@Nate: Yeah, I like to have fun w/ my fotos:) Glad you found my little SuperMayan. At least I know one person went exploring. Did you find any other surprises? One is VERY BIG:) Also, did you notice I wrote a blog about it; even has a video (well, audio at least) of howler monkeys in the morning? If you've never heard them you should definitely check them out! Tnx for playing along:)
Nathanael Over 1 year ago
Yeh, it takes me back to my childhood, watching the BBC's production of The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. Definitely some Rumblebuffin compositing going on there. =P
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