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This carving sits on hills to the south of Kenmore, Perth and Kinross, Scotland, overlooking Loch Tay to the west. It's carved in the cup and ring tradition, although some design elements are similar to passage grave art found in Eire. The markings are fairly shallow and barely visible in some light, with lichen hiding most motifs towards the top of the stone. Turf coverage has protected the stones bottom half from the ravages of the weather, and some tooling marks can be seen in this area (turf now replaced). The size and shape of the stone, along with the lightly pecked motif could possibly hint at a cist cover (speculative). Its likely to date from the late Neolithic to early Bronze Age (6000-4000yrs ago).

To view this stone, close ups and the partial panorama use the navigation arrows or highlights.

A still from a photogrammetric model has also been incorporated - this shows the areas of carving in greater detail.
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Date Created 5/20/2009

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EdLee Over 1 year ago
Hi PGRic, interesting synth! Here's another stone synth:
xRez_Studio Over 1 year ago
I like the mix of a photogrammetric model. What photogrammety tools do you use? You might be interested in Polynomial Texture Mapping (PTM) as well for artifacts like this and
PGRic Over 1 year ago
Hi xRez, I generally use Topcon's PI3000 'survey station' - but for this model, Topcon ImageMaster was used. Thanks for the info about PTM. Strangely enough I was involved in a trial of it just over a week ago. I was curious to see how Photosynth would handle PTM imagery and created this model: - pseudo time-lapse is the best way of describing the results.
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