National Geographic: Stonehenge Revealed



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A Neolithic monument, Stonehenge has been used as a burial ground since its circular ditch and bank were cut into the chalk of Salisbury Plain about 3000 B.C. Other possible uses—a place of healing, a celestial observatory—remain hotly debated. Timber posts and pairs of four-ton bluestones were later set inside the circle near its center, along with an Altar Stone and Station Stones near the perimeter. Stonehenge took on its distinctive shape when Bronze-Age people added the 16-foot-high Sarsen Circle—30 stones capped with lintels. New earthworks were added, as was a banked roadway leading to the River Avon two miles away. Work at Stonehenge ended around 1500 B.C.
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Gerard87 Over 1 year ago
Really nice point cloud
payam195r Over 1 year ago
Very beautiful
dilibau Over 1 year ago
Indeed, highly detailed pictures, for those new to photosynth try zooming in on each pic
ggnarl Over 1 year ago
exposures are all over the place, makes for a less realistic synth
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