A winter postcard from Hybo



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A postcard of our house just after new snow.
I just want to say first: This is not a lot of snow.
Three days ago we had green grass (almost). Two days ago we got about 200mm snow and the night before yesterday we got about 600mm. In this picture the snow has collapsed to 500mm as it was very fluffy from the beginning. A little thaw and it will allmost disappear. Usually we get this amount of snow under the whole november.
The picture consists of 110 images and I have changed focus almost between every exposure. At -15C/5F and stiff fingers the picture has become partially unfocused.
Megapixels 750.70
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Date Created 12/2/2012

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UP.Panorama Over 1 year ago
Very cool, good job with the focus stacking. Planning on printing printing life sized post cards?
Lassehybo Over 1 year ago
Thanx UP. Panorama. Yes, that would be something else! I estimate possible size: seven times eleven feet. Can your mailbox take it?
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