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Long Market (From Wikipedia)

The Long Market (Polish: Długi Targ, German: Langer Markt) in Gdańsk, Poland, is one of the most notable tourist attractions of the city.

It is situated between the end of Long Lane (Ulica Długa, Langgasse) and Green Gate (Brama Zielona, Koggentor).
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Bert Over 1 year ago
Awesome synth, very cool to walk through that arch into the scene...would be great if you added a geotag to this!
Rick Over 1 year ago
One of my favorites as well, it indeed is a great example of a walking tour. I can't wait until we get annotations into the system.
Leviathant Over 1 year ago
The pointmap on this is pretty amazing. Fantastic work!
tahrey Over 1 year ago
Waaaaoooww... a very definite FAV so I can show this to (of all people!) my mother later. I think it might give her a weekend trip idea for a start!

This is just fantastic, Matt - are you a pro, or just a skilled/lucky amateur? A brilliant subject, very well chosen, and expertly mapped with your camera.

Everyone, don't forget to zoom in to catch all the brilliant little details you might otherwise miss (and might even have done so if you were there in person!). The pics seem to be either 2 or 3mpx, so there's scope for reasonable enlargement even at fullscreen on a typical monitor. Then zoom out in other places, fullscreen, for excellent peripheral-vision effects. I've just lost about an hour of my life to this :-) but hey, the plane journey would have been 3x longer.

So many favourite bits, they need a second comment.
tahrey Over 1 year ago
Of course, the "whoaaa!" moment on going through the archway, and suddenly... that.

In fact there's a lot of "suddenly" moments - the sundial, the barometer/thermometer (looks like the weather will continue good, if cold ~8'c...) and the young-offender community-service lookin' guys coming to repaint its plinth, the balloon guy...

The infants taking a ride on the lion, and the troupe of high-viz-clad junior school kids on a daytrip.

Forget-me-not's Swedish (?) Bear & friends

The battallion of "rock doves" (flying rats!) mobbing the fountain statue, then showing exactly how tame and fearless they are in a macro moment.

Unexpected EXTREME CLOSE UP on a random statue :D

The bonus night-time & winter shots, even if some of them don't synth up with the rest of it.

And many others I either can't remember or don't want to further spoil!

...just fahhhbulous, dahrling! Looks like a nice - if cold! - place to live.
blade182 Over 1 year ago
Fantastic pictures!!!
racibo Over 1 year ago
Great synth but please add right geotag! These pictures were taken on the streets Długa and Długi Targ, not Piwna.
Pratibha2010 Over 1 year ago
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