Tadmor Lake's Shoreline Circuit: Expanded



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Date Created 9/26/2009

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Schn828 Over 1 year ago
Nicely done. Let me guess, you let your computer synth over night? What are your specs, and did you ever run into the problems synthing it? Thanks.
Nathanael.Lawrence Over 1 year ago
Hi, Schn828,

Yep, this was an overnighter. =] I'm using the cheapest iMac of the current lineup (the 20 inch display) upgraded to 4GB of RAM.

Running Windows 7 RC (Build 7100) 64Bit
Intel Core2 Duo @ 2.66GHz - 64Bit Processor (Does me no good since the synther is only a 32bit app)
3.37GB Usable RAM out of physical 4.00GB installed (32 Bit Synther can only utilise 2GB of RAM, I believe)
Temp folder configured to an external 1TB drive
14.5GB available Virtual Memory (Apparently synther can only allocate 4095MB of it if the log file is anything to go by.)

I really didn't know how to handle such a large subject as this lakeshore. There is no object that one can track continuously - things are always obscuring one's view. I could have tried just straight ahead shots the entire way around but I was concerned that I would run out of space on my memory cards and not have space to finish this: http://photosynth.net/view.aspx?cid=8e0c916c-307a-4af6-8e03-69d299050036
Nathanael.Lawrence Over 1 year ago
In any case, the coverage I got this past time was just not going about things the right way at all. I'll need to do some more musing and pondering before I head out to this location again.
Nathanael.Lawrence Over 1 year ago
Oh, in answer to the last part of your question: there are plenty of problems with how it is currently synthed. =] there are at least 2 different reconstructions in the point cloud and rather badly misaligned as well.

But... as far as running out of memory and such not really. The thing to remember is that it's *not* the number of photos that will run you out of memory or how big each file is. The synther only uses 1.5 or 2 megapixel versions of your photos to find 'image features' in to then match. My photos of the water in the lake or lots of sky have drastically fewer image features than the photos of a grassy hill or the like. What's more, unless the synther can match features to other features, you will not run out of memory in a synth where you cover lots of ground since each feature is only matched to itself in other images a limited number of times.
Nathanael.Lawrence Over 1 year ago
I actually am currently struggling to synth the same number of images together with another synth (Deep Wood House: South Lawn) because they overlap so much and each image has many features. The only real success I have had as far as getting the entire length of the shoot represented is to split the entire sequence in half by selecting only the odd numbered photos and the even numbered photos. All other attempts to synth even half of that set have crashed and burned for me so far.

The problem with using every other photo is that there are some parts which snap apart because you are missing crucial transitional shots, so I'm planning on coming back to that synth later today - still using mostly just the odd numbered images (the more synthy of the two halves) but adding a few evens in weak points where the point cloud fractured before.
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