Critters at High Resolution. Creepy



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Creepy eh?

These guys live on your skin.
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Date Created 7/31/2008

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inBerlin Over 1 year ago
Great! - more pictures please! Maybe a zoom onto an arm into a bug?! :-)
pinktulips Over 1 year ago
ICK....wish I hadn't looked at that. Though it is pretty cool.
corsin Over 1 year ago
Is this made with a REM raster electronen mikroskop?
Seth Over 1 year ago
I'll try to find some more. Maybe someone with current access to a REM can add some too?
SynthSets Over 1 year ago
Seth, there are two others doing SEM, myself included. Please add SEM to your list of words like "bugs creepy and "electron microscope". You've got a great subject matter, if you can get that sample back in the machine, it is large enough to take full advantage of the goniometer and do some real sweet 3D with it. John, aka "SynthSets".
synthswinger Over 1 year ago
Could you do a synth on parasitic bugs & worms? That would really get under everybody's skin.
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