Le Corbusier building "Museum" Zürich



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Date Created 4/3/2010
2urich abode absorption accommodate accommodations accomplish accumulation achieve acme action adapt address adjust "agree to" agreement aim alignment ambition amphistylar anatomy angle animus apartment apogee architectonics architecture archive arcuate arrange arrangement array arsenal art arts aspiration aspire assembly astylar athenaeum attempt balance baldachin bank base basin beam beauty "beaux arts" "big picture" "block out" blueprint board boardinghouse body box "box number" brainchild brainwork build building "building covering" bullpen bunker cache cage canopy "cape cod" carcass casa casing cast castle cave ceiling cerebration character chart child churrigeresque clan classical classification claustral climax cloistered co-op cogitation collection "colonial revival" colors columelliform combination "come to terms" commorancy comp company compilation compose composition compromise conation concentrate conception concern concert concord condo condominium configuration consideration consonance conspiracy constitution construct construction contain contemplate contemplation content contents contour contrive "cook up" coop corporation course covering covert covet "crash pad" create creation crest crib crown crystallization cubbyhole culmination cupola cusp cut decide deliberation delineate delineation den depiction deposit depository depot describe desideratum design "design of buildings" desire destine determine development device devise dew diagram diggings digs direct direction directoire dispersal display disposition distribution dome domicile doodle "dope out" draft draw drawing "dream up" "duck pond" dummy dump "dutch colonial" dwelling dynasty edifice effect egyptian elevation embodiment enclosure end endeavor engineering enneastyle enterprise entertain erecting erection essay essence establish establishment evolution execute exhibition "exhibits archive" fabric fabricate fabricating fabrication "family tree" "fan vaulting" fashion federal figuration figure firm fix flamboyant flat flop flophouse flounce focus folk folks form format formation forming foundation frame framework fringe fulfill furnish gable gallery gambrel "game plan" generation genesis georgian "get act together" "get ready" gimmick goal "gothic revival" "great patron of le corbusier" greatest "greek revival" groin groundwork grouping habit habitat habitation habitus half hall "hammer out a deal" harbor harmonize harmony haunt headquarters hearth "heidi weber" height hellenistic hem "high victorian gothic" "highest point" hold hole "hole in the wall" home "home plate" homestead hotel house household housetop housing hut idea illustration imagination impression improvisation induction institution intend intendment intent intention intrigue invent invention "iron out" "italian villa" joint kennel kin kindred "la maison d'homme" lagoon "lay of the land" "lay out" layout "le corbusier" "le corbusier center foundation" lean-to level library "lily pond" line "line up" lineage lineup "living quarters" location lodging machination magazine make "make a connection" "make ready" "make up" make-up makeup making manage mansion manufacture map "map out" mark max maximum mean meaning meditation menagerie meridian method millpond mind mission model mold monolithic moorish most motel motif motive mount mounting museum museums musing ménage nature "ne plus ultra" negotiate neoclassical "new england farm" norman notion number object objective observation oecodomic office opinion order ordering organization organize originate origination outfit outline pad painting palate palladian parapet partnership paste-up pattern peak "pecking order" pensiveness perform peripteral peristylar perspective physique picture pied-à-terre pigpen pigsty pile pinnacle pitch "place of business" "place of residence" placing plafond plan planchement planning plaster play plot point pond pondering pool portrait postmodern prairie prefab prefabricated prefabrication prepare produce production project promote proportion propose proposition provide puddle "pull a wire" "pull things together" purport purpose "put up" "putting up" quarter quarterback quarters "queen anne" race rack rafter raising ranging rank rearing receive recipe reflection regency registry relation rent repertory repository residence residency resolve rhythm roadwork roof roofing "room and board" "rooming house" rooms roost rumination safe "safe-deposit box" salon "saltbox colonial" sanctuary scaffold scaffolding scenario scene schedule schema scheme schweiz seat "second empire" sequence "set one's sights on" "set out" "set stage" setting settle setup shack shanty shape "shape up" shell shelter sight skeleton sketch "sketch out" slant slate "small lake" spacing "spanish colonial" speculation spire splash stage steer stellate stock storage store storehouse story street strive structure study style sublimity suissa suisse summit superstructure supply support svizzera swiss switzerland symmetry synthesis system systematization tailor "take in" target temper temperament "think up" thinking thought tilt timber tip tomb tops "topside covering" trabeated trace tracery tracing tradition train treasury treatment tribe trick trim trimming truss try tudor turf turn type undertaking "up there" "usually temporary" valance vault vertex victorian view vitality volition want warehouse water weave welcome "what's cooking" "where one is heading" whereabouts will wish "work out" "work out a deal" zenith "zero in on" ziggurat zoning "zoom in" zuerich zurich zurigo zürich スイス チューリッヒ 瑞士 蘇黎世

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