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Offerman Automotive, Inc.
1921 Courtney Drive
Fort Myers, FL 33901-9020
(866) 432-1627
(239) 277-9482 Fax

Offerman Automotive specializes in A/C repair, electrical & engine diagnostics, & power window & lock repairs. We do everything from oil changes & wiper blades to engine replacements & turbo-chargers. We can lift your truck, Jeep, or SUV. We can add performance modifications to your racecar. We can even service your boat trailer.

Offerman Automotive is a family owned and operated automotive repair/maintenance facility. Our 5200 sq./ft. building provides an air conditioned waiting area and a six-bay shop for your service needs.

We opened our doors in December, 2005 with the help of the entire family and many great friends along the way. With a family background in auto repair, performance, 4X4 modifications, and entrepreneurship - opening our facility was an easy decision.

We are conveniently located on Courtney Drive accross from the Edison Mall.
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