Swedish Coin, Really cool!



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This is my first synth ;D
It is a swedish 5 crown called in swedish "5 Kronor"

Please leave a comment on anything that may be improved
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Date Created 8/30/2008

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Cforce33 Over 1 year ago
Leave a commnet please, my first synth. btw, what makes it become 100%?
Bert Over 1 year ago
Great synth for your first attempt, the torus came out well here.

As for 100%, all the images have to be reachable from all the other images to get 100%, one easy way to visualize this is to look at the images in 2D mode, you'll see a clump of images on the bottom that didn't connect.
Scottt Over 1 year ago
One of the greatest reasons why your synth did not make it to 100% is that some of the photos are a bit blurry when you zoom all the way in. Try reshooting the photos that are not crisp and resynth them. Take a few extra shots where you have a tighter cropping on just the coin to provide a greater area of detail. If these shots are the closest you can get, then take new photos and then crop them within an editor. If you view the point cloud you will find very few points are in common on the coin when compared to the table top. I would have to assume that Photosynth was actually using the table to align most of the shots. Tighter cropping of a few images will boost the point cloud's representation of the coin. The most important thing to do once you add all you new photos and synth again, is to synth a third time AFTER you remove the few odd photos that did not make it to the synth (as Bert said). That will give you a rock solid 100% synthy coin! Best of luck!
Scottt Over 1 year ago
Another point, cropping in an editor can provide hints to Photosynth on how photos are joined together and can be a VERY powerful way to not only build a 100% synthy synth, but to increase the density of the point cloud. Take for example you have a wall you want to photograph and on the wall are the following letters: ABCDE. The first photo you take includes ABC and the second has CDE. Since there is an overlap of 30% between the two photos, photosynth "should" link them together. To provide stronger hints, you can make two cropping of the first photo ABC: BC and just C. Then make two croppings of the second photo CDE: CD and just C. Now Photosynth has extremely strong ties on where C belongs to each of the two photos. This is also a good way to fill in the scale gap if you missed a photo in an overlap or one was too blurry. I have used this technique on some of my synths and they do make a huge difference.
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