Chinese Cork Sculpture Wraparound - EPIC FAIL :(



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UPDATE - To see what I was trying to achieve with this project, search YouTube for BurgessSweet or SynthPhony (with the latter search, sort by date to find my upload).

I thought that by trying really hard, I could get a smooth and 360 degree rotatable replication of this sculpture/carving but it seems that photosynth punishes users who try and create smooth and visually slick 360 wraparounds of objects. I will go back to the drawing board. I'm choosing to leave this for public viewing as it demonstrated why you shouldn't place the camera in a static position and rotate the item you want to capture. I think that keeping the object static and moving around it will produce what I was looking for with this object - next attempt is about to start. BTW - this was made up of 47 images but when you try and

This is a very intricate cork sculpture that my brother bought home as a very attractive present for a family member. The item itself has a glass case and as such the sides both have black rectangular 'case-fixtures' that obscure the sides of the carving from many angles. This was my first photosynth and I didn't read any instructions on how to use the software, I just attached some card to the top of a pizza tray and took 47 photos, rotating the item a few degrees between each picture. I should have sorted out the white balance on the camera as the synth has a 'nicotine-stained' look to it. I think the pizza tray as a base is a good idea for anyone looking for a cheap alternative and something they may already have in the house. I'd suggest weighing down the base to prevent it sliding whilst rotating.
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