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Date Created 10/27/2009

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Shail Over 1 year ago
Very nice.. How did you catch these awesome pictures?

Also, can you add highlights and also geotag it so that it can be located on the map for many others (including me:) )interested to visit this place.
Greg Over 1 year ago
Wow, what a synth! I also want to know how you got these photos. Helicopter? Jetpack?
alexlindsay Over 1 year ago
I rented a Helicopter and had them take off the door. This is based on the low-res photos... I was too impatient to upload the full-res... I also have aerials of the city I need to add. Really stunned by how well it came out. I wish the 5D hadn't overloaded... I could only shoot so many photos before it needed to buffer. The 3D point cloud is pretty amazing...
botocudo Over 1 year ago
Parabens meu caro! Brilhante! Muito bom mesmo, um pouco antes isso seria perfeito na campanha para as olimpíadas do Rio! Uma vez que se pode linkar o photosynth a qualquer blog!

Nathanael Over 1 year ago
This turned out so well. Well done, mate!

Also... if you're ever in the mood to resynth with the high res shots, I would absolutely love to see them.
SourShark Over 1 year ago
Just wanted to say thank you, I am in Edmonton, Canada, about a million miles to the North of Corcovado, and just getting ready for the deep freeze of winter! These are amazing shots, and the synth is incredible as well. Thanks for your hard work and amazing photos, I would love to view it in hi-rez as well, and you can be sure I will be "favoriting" this, and returning to it over and over during the long bleak winter! Just to remind me of the awesome beauty of the world...and more importantly, the genorosity and sharing nature, and artistic abilities of it's least some of them! Can't put into word how greatful I am for people in the world like yourself. Thanks again! Awesome!

Steven (SourShark) Harris!
mvitbras Over 1 year ago
It´s my country. I really enjoy this view!!xxxxx
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