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2 parts in this synth, and 2 nice clouds.
Much better than RedDragon-1 (after a long work on Photoshop)
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Date Created 2/14/2009

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Insider55 Over 1 year ago
Great job! The point cloud is shown in amazing detail.
Pierrot21 Over 1 year ago
Hi! I'm struggling against this dragon ;-) I should put it into a dungeon!
but it's allready much better than the first one (tag reddragon)
houdan Over 1 year ago
Hi Pierrot21, this synth helps us find a bug in the synther! We have fixed it and now the images could form a full 360 degrees in a single clump. You could take a look at the result here
Pierrot21 Over 1 year ago
Who are you? What's this link ???
madeeds Over 1 year ago
'houdan' is one of the engineers here on the Photosynth team who wrote a large percentage of the code that constructs a photosynth. He's working on the next, better, version of the synther. We tried using his new code on your imagery, and it looks like a big improvement.

Unfortunately, the "tinypic" link he sent doesn't show the image he wanted to show you.

I'll work with houdan to get you the right picture.
houdan Over 1 year ago
Pierrot21, sorry I forgot to do a self-introduction. I am a engineering in the Photosynth team working on the synther. It looks like the link I posted in the last comment is not a valid link. Thanks to madeeds' reminder (who is a test engineer in our team), I got the right link of that photos here:, which shows after new reconstruction, all cameras go all the way around. You will be able to resynth this collection and get better result next time when we upgrade the synther. :-)
Pierrot21 Over 1 year ago
Hi Houdan and Madeeds!
I first thought it was like a spam trying to drive me to a commercial web-site and was quite angry!
I'm very sad seing my little dragon lost in the flames of hell on your picture ;-)
I'm very happy to read that 1) you both are in the Photosynth team 2) you read our posts, 3) you have a look on our synths (normal in a beta-version) 4) you will upgrade the synther 5) you make sort of an announcement ;-)
I have been driving projects, writing and testing programs (business not art, or graphics) and it has been a hobby for one month to explore capabilities / limits of photosynth; sorry I'm not in the team, I have a lot of ideas and observations. It would be more easy to send direct emails ...
About the reddragon: it's a very very big bug in reddragon-1 by clicking in the middle, it will show something that does't exist (head down). I was glad to see reddragon-3 is quite good as there is no more scale in the pictures.
Have a nice week-end!
Pierrot21 Over 1 year ago
Hi Houdan and Madeeds!
I don't know if it is the same bug in this one?
The point cloud is not bad (or even good) but viewing the pictures is strange with double statue !?!
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