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What is in the apple?

A musical box!

The solution of the mystery is:
The point cloud of photosynth is transparent. So if you put several objects on the same surface with a good structure, you will see the point cloud of all the objects in one synth. I think in future we need both: a transparent point cloud as well as a none transparent point cloud. Especially in my synths of some statues the transparent effect is not so good for the 3D effect. What do you think?
I have some good ideas for synthomagics:
make a synth of a Matrjoschka doll...

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Date Created 10/13/2008

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Jonathan Over 1 year ago
it is magic!
KevinH Over 1 year ago
This is great! Love what you are doing here, I've added it to my blog of interesting synths here: http://kevinhanes.net/synthopticon/2008/10/what-is-in-apple-synthomagic.html
Marvin Over 1 year ago
Trez cool. I would love to see the result of a matrioshka doll.
Ultrasound Over 1 year ago
I´m sorry, but I have no Matrjoschka doll. But there might be a synther who have one...
Serious_NERD Over 1 year ago
This is excellent ,try to make the object inside the apple more visible in the point cloud.
Ultrasound Over 1 year ago
Answer: The little musical box has a lot of metalic reflexes and a homogenies pattern, this makes it difficult to get a perfect point cloud. If I would painted it with colors, it would be better...
I prefered to take another objet with a good different pattern - look at my other synthomagic "What is in the old coffee mill".... The result is quite good...
Nathanael Over 1 year ago
I like the way you think!

I've considered the same sort of thing (but perhaps a little less interesting than yours) applying to a table without/with: tablecloth, fine china, vases, etc... or along another line a tree in the winter and the summer... without/with leaves.

Congratulations on being featured on the front page!
JoaoMartins Over 1 year ago
really good idea, so simple and so great!
payam195r Over 1 year ago
Nice idea, well done.
S2Z4 Over 1 year ago
Agree with you. Photosynth isn't perfect, so you're good magician. Take care!
jkuttarkabat Over 1 year ago
great...i have also a plan to do something like that very soon :)
zmb Over 1 year ago
Isn't it fun to trick technology?
sandwitch1701 Over 1 year ago
good job
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