Grand Canyon GigaView #23 Over Bass Pano



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UPDATE: This image has been redone to remove the troubled areas over the river. It can be found here:

Another view of the camp at Lower Bass at river mile 108.5. Christy had been hiking with me, but went ahead down to camp arriving just as this image was being captured. She can be seen three times around camp. William W. Bass established a tourist camp in this area about 1890, and later built a trans-Canyon trail and cableway across the river. Lower Bass is today among the nicest camp sites in the world and very popular with boating parties. The afternoon that we were hoping to get it for a layover day, we knew that one other group was out ahead of us. They had been nice enough to let us camp with them at Crystal and avoid running that monster in high winds. We had mentioned that we were hoping for Lower Bass, and they must have heard us. Having all been guides in the Grand Canyon for years, they knew that Lower Bass was a special place. When we rounded the corner to Upper Bass, we found them camped. They mentioned that Lower was open and raised their beers to us. We thanked them and invited them down to join us at camp that evening. The next afternoon after a day of hiking and reading on the beach, we were playing bocce in the hills above Lower Bass. A dripping wet and exhausted kayaker in full gear came hiking over a hill from above. He had obviously been sent ahead to scout if the lower camp was open. When we yelled to invite him to play bocce with us, he slumped, realizing that we were camped where his group was hoping to camp. He asked if we were camping there tonight, but he knew that our presence there meant that we were. He turned around crestfallen and wet without waiting for a response. We returned to one of the best games of bocce we've ever played. The next day, he and his group stopped by the camp just as our boats were pushing off. I think they were considering packing their entire camp and moving it a half mile downstream just to enjoy the beach at Lower Bass. That is how great this camp is. Grand Canyon GigaView is a new school virtual tour of the Grand Canyon created with a collection of GigaPan images taken on a private rafting trip in April 2010 and geolocated in Google Earth. Explore the journey Search for it here on or dive into the day by day trip report at the link above. Enjoy & please share with your networks! Thanks for your interest in my work. Thomas Hayden
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Date Created 7/28/2010

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TonyErnst Over 1 year ago
try using the structured panorama option in ICE to get rid of the black areas...
GigaView Over 1 year ago
Doing it now, Tony. Thanks for the tip.
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