Watergarden 2006



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These are simply goldfish, of the Comet variety. We started with just 6 fish in this 400 gallon pond that I built! Now there are more than 25 and I have 5 generations of goldfish with the oldest ones having 7" long tails and over 14" long. The pond is so delicious to sit next to in the morning or evening and listen to the waterfalling into the deep end of the pond. The fish recognize my voice and come up to the surface for food.
The lillies that we planted give wonderful flowers and we have a lot of butterflies and dragonflies that come for the flowers and all the natural habitat that thrive in our pond. This is our own "WaldenPond" and I keep it in our front yard. Sort of like having an old fashion front porch where people visit and relax and tell stories of their day.

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