01/23/09 Venezuelan Students rally Against Hugo Chavez



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Venezuelan Students protest against Hugo Chavez and his illegal attempt to be reelected forever.

Chavez controls all the political powers. More that 90% of the Parliament obey
his commands; the Venezuelan Supreme Court, whose number were raised
from 20 to 32 by the parliament to ensure an overwhelming officialist majority,
has become an extension of the legal office of the Presidency… The Prosecutor
General’s Office, the Comptroller’s Office and the Public Defender are all
offices held by “yes persons,” absolutely obedient to the orders of the autocrat.
In the National Electoral Council, four of five members are identified with the
government. The Venezuelan Armed Forces are tightly controlled by Chávez.
Therefore, form a conceptual point of view, the Venezuelan political system is
autocratic. All political power is concentrated in the hands of the President.
There is no real separation of Powers
In December 2007 venezuelans voted "NO" to Hugo Chavez and his attempt to approve his communist constitution and his request to get power for being reelected forever.

The constitution of Venezuela is firm and clear not allowing to propose for the second time any rejected subject in the same presidential period , but:

For the second time in a period of two years, Venezuelans citizens prepares to says "NO" to neodictator Hugo Chavez and his new attempt to violate the Venezuelan constitution.

Elections in Venezuela are far from being democratic The castrocomunist regime of Hugo Chavez have absolute control over institutions , like The Supreme Court, the CNE ( National Elections Council) , the Ombudsman office, and many others.

People of Caracas meets in Venezuela Square, Caracas in order to reject the second illegal and unconstitutional request of Hugo Chavez to get powers to achieve his totalitarian objective to be reelected in 2012.

U.S. Department of State
2008 Human Rights Report: Venezuela
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