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I took these for our tech preview almost 2 yrs ago before we even had object recognition.

Now they work well and you can move around the tower easily.

Note that Seattle isn't always rainy.
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Date Created 8/14/2008

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blaise Over 1 year ago
Gorgeous aerial synth!
David-Photosynth-Team Over 1 year ago
Every time I see this synth I'm reminded of how great helicopters are for Photosynth. They let you put the camera almost anywhere. Great shoot Jonathan!
ryanr Over 1 year ago
This is really amazing! I love this app so much :D
Nathan Over 1 year ago
Hit Ctrl and grab the helo and drag this around, super cool 3D reconstruction.
bArmageddon Over 1 year ago
who needs the real pictures, click "p" and watch the city in 3d dots...
its amazing.... Matrix.
madmotts Over 1 year ago
I didn't get it at first, but pressing is pretty amazing. It's 3d-dots. sweet.
witchywoo_wa Over 1 year ago
Synthing, wow, how cool is that. I particularly like the fact that I can pause and creep at my own pace for better clarity. Can't wait for our next trip to take some pics for my own synth.
ReneK Over 1 year ago
Very good synth, I found it the best , so far...
haydenhibbard Over 1 year ago
Beautiful synth. Just look at that point cloud (hold ctrl or press 'P').
Strevoir Over 1 year ago
thx the great work!
xtt1341 Over 1 year ago
siskokidd Over 1 year ago
press "." as fast as you can and you get the see the entire heli trip.
ULON Over 1 year ago
If you like that then go on Maxi2811's Photosynths
Chris_Waikiki Over 1 year ago
Like the 3D effect of the tower in the middle!
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