Lava tube part1



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My first attempt to synth this cave worked, but photosynth didn't seem to like 600+ photos and appears to only to display the point cloud in 2 or 3 sections, not all at once.
The new overhead view will only display one portion of the cave, no matter which section is being viewed at the time, so I'm re-uploading the synth in pieces to see if I can tell how accurate my synth is compared to a traditional cave map.
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Date Created 11/4/2009

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madeeds Over 1 year ago
Can you go back to get enough photos to link the pieces together?
Void23 Over 1 year ago
The complete set of 613 photos is "100% synthy", (see my original "Lava Tube" synth) and you can navigate the entire set of photos, but the viewer appears only to be able to display a certain number of images or points at one time.
I'm splitting the whole synth into smaller synths so I can see the overhead views for the whole cave, not just the one section that shows up on the large synth.
I'll get back there one day to photograph more of the tubes in the area, but for now I'm about 2000 miles away!
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