Salisbury Cathedral



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Great weather in Salisbury. I was there too late so I missed to visit the tower. Good reason for a return.
Gigapixels 4.15
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Date Created 4/11/2011

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KillianMcGrath Over 1 year ago
What camera did you use
Martin_Kulhavy Over 1 year ago
Canon 5D Mark II with EF 70-200mm IS L f/2.8 II @ 200mm and f/11. Total number of shots is 154 in 7 rows.
sielaa Over 1 year ago
AL123 Over 1 year ago
aweasome !!!
Cortex_cerebri Over 1 year ago
4,15 Gigapixels!?! This is inconceivable!
NyumbaKubwa Over 1 year ago
Amazing! Did you use any special (or normal) tripod or were all 154 shots hand-held?
Martin_Kulhavy Over 1 year ago
I used the Manfrotto 303SPH panoramic head. The head has a scale, so I could move the camera in 5 degree angle to get the right overlap for the 200mm lens.
mrjimmyc Over 1 year ago
Thats a wicked picture! how did you get it so straight?
mrjimmyc Over 1 year ago
My bad, should have read your comment above lol
STLShutterbug Over 1 year ago
This image is awesome! - Can't wait to get some images stitched together like this myself. Love the detail!
MagiView Over 1 year ago
Superb, Martin. Favorited!
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