Dragor Sunday morning



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I have done this using gigapan, now to see how photosynch manage it gigapan.org search: dragor.

what do you think i better and why ?
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Date Created 12/9/2011

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mattu Over 1 year ago
Interesting experiment. Thanks for posting to both sites. I just took a look and noticed a few things.
- I've always prefered the Photosynth viewer to the Gigapan one. Photosynth is more fluid to interact with, the tiles load faster and the pan/zoom is snapier.
- The colors are quite different. I'm not sure if this is from different pre-processing or if the stitchers just did blending differently. The Photosynth colors are generally more saturated and the right side of the Photosynth has a reddish hue while the Gigapan is overall less saturated. Not sure which is better. Perhaps the best measure is how close you think either one comes to your recollection of the scene?
- The stitcher that you used for Photosynth (was it ICE?) has fewer cut in half moving objects. For example the birds in the center foreground and the man on the bicycle in the field on the left.
larsboi Over 1 year ago
Thanks Marru for your assment, I used Lightroom to preprocess the 300 pictures, like removing vignett and other artifacts saving a version in TIFF for witch I uploaded the same set to FS and MS PS.
I guess that Gigapan need more tweek at the colours

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