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Early morning walk around of Poly Canyon. It was intended to have 1500-2000 pictures and cover a larger area. 3 photographers were involved, this is just my share of the photos.

If you locate a map in the synth, i covered the south west of building A and went around into the courtyard, between buildings B, I , and A.

Initially, all photographers started at the same point, then split up to cover more area. One of the cameras failed in the middle of the project so we didn't have as many pictures as we wanted. We tried to get it as synthy as possible, creating a nice point cloud. Later I might take more photos from the hills overlooking the area and reupload the synth. Hopefully this would improve the point cloud and more features will be visible.
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Date Created 11/19/2008

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K Over 1 year ago
wow, what an ambitions project! i don't think the synther will handle 1500 photos just yet but we're working on solutions to let you synth a large area. i'm curious how you broke up the photography duties between 3 people and what your overall goals are, can you share some more details?
Scott Over 1 year ago
Fantastic work - if you press 'p', then hold down 'e' and ';' for a few seconds, you'll get a great arial view of the point cloud.
ryanviernes Over 1 year ago
I posted more info about the synth in the description. Ill just have to try to see if the synther can handle thousands of photos. Id like to synth the entire university and get a really detailed point cloud. It could take weeks, but I'm sure the result would be worth it.
madeeds Over 1 year ago
This is incredibly successful. Nice work. This synth is one of the largest uploaded this week. There were a couple of synths that had more than 1500 photos, but they were not nearly as nice and were deleted by their owners.
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