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This is the final of the three bridge synths in National Bridges National Monument. Sipapu Bridge is absolutely huge and challenging to get to. But it certainly is worth the hike.

The two other bridges I've synthed in this park are:

Kachina Bridge:

Owachomo Bridge:

For more detail about Natural Bridges National Monument, visit the National Park Service website:

I took the photos of both Sipapu and Kachina bidges during an April, 2009 trip.
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Date Created 6/16/2009

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jimcseke Over 1 year ago
Beautiful photos and the point cloud is incredible.
Questions: (and do not answer if you don't have the time)
How long did this shoot take? If 734 photos made the final cut for your synth, approximately how many photos did you originally take? And did you upload your photos more than once and edit until you got 100 percent? The upload time must have been crazy. I have had 100 percent synth on the first upload, but with a third of the photos you have here.Even then it was blind luck. However, what ever it took for you to produce this, it was well worth the effort.
I am quite new to this site, and to photography. I love the forms found in nature, and I think this site forces us to look more and closer at our subject. I take a lot of photos, and among them I sometimes find images "suitable for framing" that I would not have taken, were it not for the Photosynth process.
Again, Thank you for this beautiful work and please, keep on synthing.
CharlPe Over 1 year ago
Thanks for the kind words. Here's some answers:

Sipapu took about 3 hours to shoot - that's while I was hiking and enjoying the area. I didn't cull the photos all that much - I just included pretty much everything. There were a few really out-of-focus shots that I deleted. Yes, I re-did the synth once to ensure I got it up to 100% "synthy." It took me a little while to figure out which images weren't working, then I went back and removed the offending pixels. Getting 100% "synthy" is a point of pride.... :-)
jimcseke Over 1 year ago
Hey CharlPe thank you for answering my questions. I am interested in what the process was for achieving certain results. And not just for general knowledge, but also on the human level. When you mentioned Sipapu took 3 hours, In my mind I see a person starting from one point of the subject to the final shot. Suddenly each of those little white rectangles take on more meaning. They become the eyes of the person travelling around this subject and attempting to get enough images to share with others. And to also give them a sense of "being there". I hope those comments don't seem odd, but i'm just being honest.

Getting 100% is one thing. Capturing what you did, and how it turned out, is another. (That should also be considered a "point of pride".)
I'm fairly certain, when you saw the final result, there was a little jaw dropping involved. As with your other synths, beautiful work as well!
Whatever you do to get these results, you do very well.
Keep on synthing.
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