Dunbar Creek Below Limestone Run



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A favorite fishing area along Dunbar Creek
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Date Created 6/8/2009

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TonyErnst Over 1 year ago
Great synth! Where is dunbar creek? Could you please add a geotag? Just click the globe icon to the right of the synth. Thanks!
dariusmonsef Over 1 year ago
Nice synth, highlights really help explore around.
sherwingws Over 1 year ago
Thanks for the reminder. I meant to do that and now have
TonyErnst Over 1 year ago
Thanks Sherwingws. Congratulation on being featured on the homepage!
Dubhaltach Over 1 year ago
Wow! As the first synth I saw, It's pretty amazing.
sherwingws Over 1 year ago

Thank you for your kind comments. Darn, I didn't even know I was featured.
That would have been neat to see. Got to get these things and HD views integrated into
the DunbarCreek.info site.

Thanks again.

zxcvbn78 Over 1 year ago
This is a really cool!LMK
Nathanael Over 1 year ago
Sherwin, I don't know how much you moved around when shooting this, but have you tried this set in Microsoft Research ICE?

I'd love to see the results. They've finally got a publish to Photosynth button there in ICE now.
sherwingws Over 1 year ago

I added the ICE panorama. It had trouble with the water and even put some of it up in the trees, but still not too bad looking.
ArnoldPig Over 1 year ago
This is totally boring and pointless.
wiseye Over 1 year ago
Arnold seems to be well named.
I think pix are great
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