Bathurst Downtown Waterfront



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The beautiful Downtown Waterfront is a great place to eat, shop, and explore. It is very busy especially in the summer. Come visit to see for yourself why we love to call Bathurst home.
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Date Created 4/18/2012

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courtney.woods Over 1 year ago
Great job, Grade 2! You worked so hard on this project and it has paid off. I am proud of how you worked together as a team. I wonder what we could do to improve it even more? Do you have any ideas?
npetten Over 1 year ago
Great use of photosynth! This looks great.
courtney.woods Over 1 year ago
Thank you, npetten!
smonette Over 1 year ago
Hi Courtney,

Great job grade 2! I am a teacher from Saskatchewan and I just checked out your photosynth now I want to come and visit Bathurst! Keep up the good work:)
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